10 Signs That You Are In Love .

10 Signs That You Are In Love.

Love is one such feeling that can knock your door anytime and anyplace. And most of the times even after the Cupid’s arrow had struck; it is difficult to actually realize that you have already fallen for that someone special. We are here to help you out so we bring you some signs that you should look for if you are struggling with the age-old question, Am I in Love?

  1. Your Hormones go crazy:

    Yes! So do you. Experiencing love means a whole lot of hormone rush everywhere in the body. Your cheeks blush, palms get sweaty and your heart beats faster whenever you are with your special one or even talking on the phone.

  2. Thinking about your special one day in and out:

  3. A smile is all you do the entire day: 7015861-happy-girl-wallpaper
    A smile here, a smile there and every time you do nothing but some smile. Do you re-play those amazing moments in your mind over and over again? Basically, you love that moment between you two and you cannot get enough of it too and so you smile over and over again when no one can see you.
  4. Music is your Buddy.

    Music-Girl-At-Beach-Wallpapers People in love find most of their unsaid expressions hidden in the songs and that’s why they can better relate and understand songs like ‘No promises’ or ‘You belong with me’! You don’t forget to carry your favorite music collection on long journeys and trips.

  5. Influences your personality.

    blog-personality-health People in love react differently even though the situations might be the same. The personality changes could be either going less aggressive or more or more chirpy and talkative or might be going completely quiet. Be aware of how does this person is actually affecting you.

  6. More Romantics movies.

    romantic couple in front of santa monica amusement park at sunset.

    This may sound crazy but people do watch a lot of romantic movies during this phase of their lives. This might be only for a shorter period of time, maybe just the starting phase!

  7. How do I look? :tumblr_lvpdn0s1Oz1qzeuhto1_500

    This certainly becomes an important question of our lives when love happens. It’s no harm to dress up well and look different every time you meet your loved one. Though as time passes it hardly matters but if you are one of those who hardly looks at the mirror might see this change as a big one!
  8. You do embarrassing things:10 Signs That You Are In Love :GODofsmallthing

    Falling in love is all about a new dimension altogether. You might do some embarrassing things at the time which fall out of your comfort zone. But what matters to you most is the happiness of that person for whom you went an extra mile!
  9. Obsessive too:
    Woman texting
    Love includes real-time thinking about each other. You could do this for days and days given if nothing else to think about. You care about each other’s taste, preferences, and what not?
  10. Happy All The Time: Love actually keeps us happy. Even though the anxiety levels may be up but the very new feeling keeps one stress-free.

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How many are on your list? Even if it’s 5 on 10 I suggest you to stop fooling yourself and allow love to make its place.

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