A Terror app -“Serving Mankind ” :Godofsmallthing Initiative

A Terror app -“Serving Mankind ” By FIF Pakistan (An organisation supported by Hafiz Saeed )A Terror app -"Serving Mankind "



Yes, the thing we are here mentioning may sound very tricky but it is indeed true. Let Chief Hafiz Saeed is reaching masses through a new terror application which is available on the Google app play store with a new name “Serving Mankind “. The Name sounds pretty much like they are here for a social cause but they are not as they look like. They are trying to raise funds for terror activities in Kashmir by asking Muslims across the globe to donate as much as they can to help their “Kashmiri Bhai’s” (as they say). The thing that bothered me the most was that the people who developed this application is an organisation from Pakistan.

A Terror app -"Serving Mankind "

FIF PAKISTAN owner Hafiz-ul-Rauf has been witnessed to speak against India manner times in the Pok. The owner of the application is trying to focus only on the upliftment of Kashmiri Muslims. American Government has already listed FIF Pakistan as a terror group that is supported by hafiz Saeed. Earlier also an application was launched by them which was banned by Google play store. And now they are back once again.

All the funds that will be generated from this app will go into the hands of people who are involved in terrorist activities in India. Will You Support them? Why Not Make Google aware of this app once again?? Let’s spam and flag inappropriate this application and post reviews that reveals there true identity.

Here is how you can do this 🙂

Flag inappropriate >> abusive content.

link to the app:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.servingmankind


Don’t you believe us? I am sure you will believe app news :’)

WATCH the video below by ABP news


LeT chief Hafiz Saeed is reaching masses through terror application ‘Serving Mankind’.Let’s Defuse their explosive minds in a way only an Indian can do 🙂

godofsmallthing does not confirm the source apart from ABC news and we do not have any resemblance or hatred with any app unless it starts to affect my nation .-Owner of godofsmallthing.



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