We are Not Afraid of them! A Strong Reply by Amarnath pilgrims to terrorism as the Yatra Continues

We are Not Afraid of them! A Strong Reply by Amarnath pilgrims to terrorism as the Yatra Continues

Amarnath Yatra: When your determination is strong and you have faith in God no one can stop you. This phrase comes to real picture when  Even after a serious attack on Amarnath yatri’s. The second batch of 2,418 yatries comprising 1638 male, 663 female and 180 saints began their yatra to Amarnath just after a day of the attack.


When Media Personnel asked to the next batch of Amarnath pilgrims of whether they are still willing to go to Amarnath or they wish to go back .? A strong and collective firm reply was given back that they want to continue their trip to Amarnath. Despite terrorist attack yesterday, the devotion and trust on Indian army still persist. The way the pilgrims have responded to this is exceptional.

This creates an atmosphere in the country and state that we are not afraid of terrorists anymore. The Inspiring words of driver Saleem on asked the question whether you will go next year as well is worth mentioning. He replied ” he will definitely go the next year as well as he is not afraid of anyone and no one can stop him from going. ”

PM Modi has condemned this attack and has given orders to finish every such terrorist. The victims of the Amarnath Yatra attack have been compensated by the Center, J&K government, Gujarat government and by the Amarnath shrine board. The driver will be awarded a bravery award and 3 lakh rupees. This confidence has carried on the yatra and the second batch of  2,418 yatries has been sent on yatra with full safety. Godofsmallthing condemns this attack and prays for the people who lost their lives in the attack and salutes to the courage and act of bravery by every pilgrim that are still keen to continue their trip. Such barriers can not harm the devotion of the pilgrims nor loosen the strength to move to the place of God.

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