Baba Ramdev launches its security forces “Parakram Suraksha “

Baba Ramdev launches its security forces “Parakram Suraksha “


Baba Ramdev a very famous face in the world of Ayurveda, business, agriculture and politics has always tried his hands in various sectors. He works on policy to strengthen India’s economy. Be it food items or household products he has driven through success. The founder of Patanjali group Baba Ramdev is set to expand its business into private security services.  Baba Ramdev launches its security force called Parakram Suraksha recently for the first time to enter into the security field.

Setting up Parakram Suraksha will be an addition to its path of success. Baba Ramdev laid the foundation of his security force last Tuesday. The aim to establish such firm is to prepare an individual for self-defense and country’s safety. It becomes’s earnest to talk on this topic as the Parakram Suraksha Pvt. Ltd. is maintained and looked after by retired army and police officials. These officials are assigned to train the young recruits in this firm.

After Ayurveda and swadeshi Abhiyan, Baba Ramdev launches its security force shifting his focus to create its full-fledged security agency. The Parakram agency will provide security not only to Patanjali offices but even to other private companies. For the first batch group of 100 young girls and boys have been recruited. The training of these has been in the same manner as of the army recruits.

Every month 100 young candidates will be selected and trained by the retired army and police officials for 1 month. After 1 month the recruits will be ready to provide their services. The loopholes in the private security sector will be filled by Ramdev’s Parakram Suraksha Pvt. Ltd. security agency. Ramdev decided to bring up a security agency to stop all sorts of thefts and robbery. The service of Parakram Suraksha will not be limited to India it will have vast reach in foreign countries.

Parakram Suraksha provides training of both physical and mental state to make the candidates strong and tough. This type of training is given to make the security personnel fight in adverse condition. Ramdev’s security agency has come as a strong contender for other private security agency. It will be beneficial as it will provide jobs to 20k-50k youth of the country. This security agency with trainers from army and police has complete tendencies to enter into the top most security agencies. The functioning of this agency will be a treat to the eyes.

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