Eid Mubarak makes No Sense if you think this Way

A Short Note To All My Friends Out Here 

Eid Mubarak makes No Sense if you think this Way

Islamic Quotes About Patience (1)

Its sad and disheartening to know that your religion is seen connected to Terrorism. Why don’t people understand, Islam is 1200 years old and Terrorism just 20? A Terrorist does not have any religion. Terrorism is the only thing they follow. Which religion gives you the permission to kill your own brothers? Think before you make any judgement. Islam boycott Terrorism. Islam is against Terrorism. Islam is ready to fight against Terrorism. It’s my request from all of you, please do not see us with doubtful eyes. We are your brothers. We want to spread peace. If we look at the blast that took place recently in a Masjid. Why will a Muslim want to kill a Muslim brother? Why will a Muslim do a blast who is fasting from past 28 days of Ramzan? Just give it a thought and clear your misconceptions.

With the festival of peace and harmony coming up, let’s just spread this message and spread peace. Happy Eid. Stay Blessed. Spread Happiness and peace!


I am Junaid : anybody .A Proud Muslim and I do not support Terranybody.

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