India’s first Solar train Is on its way  and We just cannot Just stop feeling Proud about it .

India’s first Solar train Is on its way


first solar train in india : India’s first Solar train: on Friday 14th July Indian Railway created a new record in the history of the railways. The first 1,600 HHP Solar Diesel-Electric multiple units (DEMU) came onto the tracks. India’s first solar train was beautifully decorated much like a bride as it ran on the tracks of Safdarjung Railway Station. Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu showed the green flag to India’s first solar train.

The power efficient solar train is enabled with an anti-theft battery bank facility in each coach. These batteries are capable of providing sufficient electric power during the night and even in absence of sunlight. The need of electricity to run fans, lights and display system will all be met by the 16 solar panels.

These panels are fitted at the top of each coach of the train. Normally the working of the fans, lights etc of a DEMU is powered by an onboard engine. However, These trains used to consume diesel worth  2 lakh Rs per coach annually. Introducing such trains will help the Railway to save around 672 crore Rs annually ( That’s a significant amount ! ).

first solar train of india is a 10 coach train in among which 2 are motor coaches and rest 8 are passenger coaches. Each coach has a sitting capacity of 89 people. With the addition of solar panels, there will be no increase in the fare. The train is made comfortable with cushioned seats.  Each passenger coach has 2 solar panels each producing 3.6KW power per coach. The train has two parallel power sources, Solar and diesel. In a case of 1 source power failure, the other will be used. This train will help in the reduction of carbon dioxide emission of 9 tonnes per coach yearly.

The train was built at Integral Coach Factory (IFC) in Chennai with a cost of 13.54 crore. Each coach costs a whopping 1 crore Rs where as 1 solar panel was of 9 lakh each. Each solar panel fit to the train is 300 watt with a life span of 25 years. Increasing steadily toward environment-friendly measures, Indian Railway has brought in facilities like bio-toilet, water recycling, CNG & LNG engines and now solar train.

Railway Minister has even announced such 24 more coaches to save power and money. India’s first solar train will run between Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Farukh Nagar Gurugram. This train will save 20 units of electricity daily. Solar power in India is a fast growing industry and adding solar power to public locomotive will be beneficial to the country.

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