Hey Delhites No More Hookah as Delhi Government Banned Hookah Lounges

Hey Delhites No More Hookah as Delhi Government Banned Hookah Lounges in Delhi


Hookah Banned in Delhi
Hookah Banned in Delhi

Delhi Government Banned Hookah: While there is a big debate going on among the two political giants regarding the credits for this ban the youth of Delhi might just still be trying to overcome this news. The government of Delhi has recently imposed a ban on all hookah lounges in Delhi. While it is still not clear that the ban will be in effect from which date. Delhi government issued a notification asking Delhi police and Municipal corporations to cancel licenses of restaurants serving hookah in smoking or nonsmoking zones in their restaurants.

As per Health Minister, Satyendra Jain he quoted ” Smoking is not allowed in smoking zones and nonsmoking zones as per section 4 of COTPA. (COTPA stands for cigarette and other tobacco products act) .

Why is Hookah Getting Banned completely?

Hookah Banned in Delhi
Hookah Banned in Delhi Image Credits: Patch 

A notification in may was issued by the Ministry of health and family welfare department of central government asking for completely prohibiting the use of hookahs.

As per MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa ” on July 17, 2017, Mr. Sirsa met the Lieutenant-Governor (L-G) to get this implemented in Delhi.

“Thus, hookah in any form is illegal and Delhi Police and the Municipal Corporations should immediately cancel the licenses of such Cafes, restaurants,  and hotels where such illegal Hookah bars are operating,” Jain said.

Was hookah supposed to be safe right?

Hookah Banned in Delhi
Hookah Banned in Delhi Image Credits: India Today –

The State Tobacco Control Cell conducted several raids in different parts of the cities. And over the last 4 years, the cell found out that there are still many places which are illegally running hookah bars with nicotine and tobacco. Despite many reports people still considered hookah to be a safer alternative to smoking. Hookah has a much significant adverse impact on the health of people.

According to CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention ), A 1-hour hookah session comprises of 200 puffs which when compared to 30 puffs of cigarettes.” Satyendra Jain Said.

Hookah Banned in Delhi
Hookah Banned in Delhi Image Credits: Kalyan.bar

So with the report, it is quite clear that despite alleged “Herbal products been used in Hookah”, it is still unsafe and thus should be banned with immediate effect.

While many will welcome this decision by the government of Delhi, it was quite evident that Hookah was a very popular choice of smoking among the youth of the city. And a complete ban on hookah will raise a spark of discussion among the youth. Did government of India and Delhi dint knew earlier that hookah was much more dangerous than cigarettes and thus should not have been allowed in the state. ? We all know cigarettes and alcohol also have a negative a severe negative impact on health, does the government has any plans to ban tobacco products like cigarettes as well?

Only time will tell. What’s your take on this?



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