7 Reasons why Having a Muslim Friend is A Must !

7 Reasons why Having a Muslim Friend is A Must !

The idea of friendship has nothing to do with religion but this Eid we bring some reasons that why every friend circle should have at least one Muslim friend.

  1. Every Eid turns out to be all about Food LoveMuslim Food

    This has been an unsaid fact of our lives that having a Muslim friend simply means having a place to savor our senses with some amazing recipes. Biryani, Sheer Kurma and Malpua with Rabri and not to forget Eid ki Sewayiaan.

  2. Your Arabic Diction is sure to Improve

    Having someone around to teach you some of the best Arabic expressions can give you an edge over other friends. Subhanallah or Mashallah or even phrases like “Aakhir masla kya hai?” can give you serious goals to learn all these expressions.

  3. Source of your Party Wear Collectionmuslim-dress-trend-2016-38245f-h900

    Muslims are bound to have some amazing collections of clothes and accessories with best of Zari work and all intricate designs you might want to have during the wedding seasons. So having a close Muslim friend means your wardrobe is never out of designer clothes! Woohoo!

  4. Time Check is handy

    time-is-more-valuable-than-moneyThey have this super built- in clock so that they can pray on time (just kidding!). Muslims pray five times a day and they are bound to have better notion of time!

  5. Hospitability hospitality sign

    You suddenly become the most invited person around as to Muslims are known for their hospitability. There are feasts and feasts and more feasts and you are invited too!

  6. Some soulful talks

    Some Muslims have the best of the knowledge of the spiritual aspect and you can have some great discussions on this topic too. Most of the Muslims have very strong faith in their God. You might be able to have certainly a new perspective towards their beliefs.muslim-man-prays-in-mosque

  7. A good dose of History and Culture classes

    like in every family there are some elders for sure who believe in making some inputs to the historical knowledge of the every other person they come across. Muslim families can give you some best of the history lessons and lesser known facts about their culture that are rare to be found in books.

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