Have a look at Journey Of this Man from 0 to having 200 crocre : Incredible Politicians

Have a look at Journey Of this Man from 0 to having 200 crores: Incredible Politicians

Incredible Politicians: Lalu Prasad Yadav

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I work so much and if I don’t get all the comfort I will turn mad” .  Lalu Yadav expressed his feelings during his term of a Chief Minister of Bihar which is now turning into reality. He holds an empire worth 200 crores which is indeed a big amount for any politician. However, Recent allegations put by the Central Government and the people of the country is making him go mad.

Lalu Yadav a very funny and a sarcastic politician enjoyed days during his term as Chief Minister of Bihar in 1990’s and the most in 2009 as the Railway Minister, but now he is facing extreme trouble. He along with his complete family is being accused of acquiring a property of worth 200 crores and more.

Allegations by BJP

BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi recently accused the RJD chief Lalu Yadav and his family of owning an illegal land of worth 200 crores. On which a mall worth 750 crores is being constructed in  Patna. Although Lalu Yadav has hit back BJP and washed his hands of all allegation put on him. He clarified the controversies by designating himself and his family as the co-owners of the mall. He said his family has only 50% ownership and putting that piece of land into commercial use is no crime.

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Shareholders of the mall.

The controversial mall being constructed in Patna belongs to LARA (Lalu-Rabri) Project. Rabri(Lalu’s wife), Tej Pratap and Tejaswi (Lalu’s sons) are the premium shareholders of the mall. The land is handed over to Meridian Construction Company for the construction of the mall. According to Lalu Yadav, 50% share is taken by the builders and the left 50% is of the Yadav family.

Points of interest

On 25th February 2005, Lalu as the Railway Minister facilitated Businessman Harsh Kochar who acquired 2 hotels owned by the Railways in Ranchi and Puri. In return, Harsh Kochar purchased two acres of land in Patna for Lalu Yadav.

Land got registered on the name of Delight Marketing Pvt Ltd. A company owned by Lalu Yadav’s trustworthy person Prem Gupta.

Since 2010-11 members of Yadav’s family started getting the membership of the Delight Marketing Pvt Ltd Company. First Rabri Devi, then Tej Pratap, Tejaswi and finally Rajini became the shareholders of the company.

In 2014 Tejaswi and Tej Pratap got the chair as the director of Delight Marketing Pvt Ltd and finally changed the name of the company from Delight Marketing Pvt Ltd to LARA (Lalu- Rabri).

 Questions and Doubts on Lalu

Lalu claims to be a son of a peon, how come in 30 years of his political career he acquired a wealth in crores?  Secondly, how can Lalu Yadav acquire a land of 200 crore which is impossible for a politician of a poor background to own?

After all these allegations Lalu Yadav and his family have come into the circle of questions and acquisitions.  The family needs to answer the citizens of the country about owning of the land worth 200 crores. Lalu has always been in allegations and once he was found guilty and arrested in the 950 crore fodder scam. Once again Lalu Yadav has come into limelight for illegal works and CBI is taking a look into the case of the mall construction on land of 200 crores in Patna. Will Lalu Yadav be free from the charges of having a ‘benami, the property of 200 crores or will he be found guilty all be clear in the near future.



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