The solution to Air Pollution , buy your own air in just Rs 550 By known Himalayan Air Company

Air pollution has become a cause of national concern. All the major cities of the country, particularly Delhi and surrounding areas are facing the issue. The air quality has been deteriorating on alarming levels over the past years. Had it been an issue during a particular time of the year, a probable solution would have been a visit to cleaner and greener places. However, polluted air is a constant throughout the year. So what to do? Shift base to the mountains? While most of us would love to, it is not a feasible solution due to many limitations.

Can we do nothing? Yes, we can, if we can afford to. We can buy pure Himalayan air for ourselves and that too in the comfort of our home. In the age of e-commerce, is there anything that is not accessible.

solution to Air Pollution in Delhi
solution to Air Pollution in Delhi Image Credits: Patrika

Several companies like Auzair, Vitality Air and Indian brand Pure Himalayan Air have actually come up with bottled fresh air. Since time immemorial we have been told that nature provides all good things for free, this is not exactly the case here. Air from Pure Himalayan Air retails at INR 1500 for 10 l, while Auzair is selling it at INR1500 for 7.5 l.

The seed idea was a social campaign being launched by Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL). GAIL launched a campaign called Air sellers on YouTube to create awareness about the menace of air pollution in Delhi. While the citizens and small industries did nothing, companies actually thought of packaging and selling air to people.

The Pure Himalayan Air Company mentions on their website, they visit the pristine regions of the Himalayas to capture the purest air.

They use high standards of cold press compression to fill the bottles with air. To capture the air they use medical equipment and ensure the good quality is maintained. The containers are packed and shipped to anywhere in the world. So what people receive as the end product is actually the air that is at the higher altitude on the Himalayas. “Our canned air is mountain sourced and a combination of oxygen, nitrogen, forms of carbon and other naturally found elements,” reads the website.

Buy Pure Himalayan Air
solution to Air Pollution in Delhi Source: Pure Himalayan Air
solution to Air Pollution in Delhi You can buy the product from their website :
Follow the link: Pure Himalayan Air

Breathing in pure air is the basic need and right of individuals. However, looks like it will soon be an item of luxury. In a country like ours, items of luxury are accessible to only a handful of people. And just in case you are wondering the time for which a bottle will last. In general, we can consume 10 litre air in about 160 inhales. That makes it very very expensive and almost inaccessible for the masses. But still, people who are desperately in need can go and buy this one. Or least we can have a try to the pure air for at least once. What say?

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