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Stone Pelters Will Cry when they will see this new Gun Been Used.


Plastic bullets and chilli-filled PAVA shells



In Kashmir valley, Stone pelters have been an issue of concern for the Armed forces. The armed forces have found it difficult to deal with pelters. But not anymore as with the increase of the violent crowd in the Kashmir valley, Government of India has now stocked up the armoury of Jammu and Kashmir police by 1 lakh plastic bullets and chilli-filled PAVA shells to control the violence spread all over the valley by the stone pelters. This step has been taken to ground the pelters a strong lesson despite not hurting them physically.  This simply implies that all the stone pelters will now cry for help and water whenever a pava shell is fired near them.

The Change Was Needed!

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The use of plastic bullets and chilli-filled PAVA shells became so very important in the valley because of the criticism apprehend by the government for the injuries of the localities of the Kashmir by the pellet guns. Plastic bullets and chilli-filled PAVA shells are a less lethal but a highly impactful alternate of pellet guns to culminate the stone pelting of the beautiful valley of Kashmir. ‘PAVA’ stands for Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide, also called Nonivamide. It is an organic compound found characteristically in natural chilli pepper, the PAVA shells are made of oleoresin, which is more natural and pungent all enough to destroy the activities of the violent crowds.

No Use Of Pellet Guns in the Valley?

The Central Government has made it very clear that Jammu and Kashmir police still have the option of using pellet guns in the valley to deal with the violent crowd. Regular addition of new technologies and arms to the armed forces has brought stone pelting and violence in the valley to a decline.


Stone pelting has always been a hurdle for the police and the army to eradicate the terrorism of the valley. The Indian Army and Jammu & Kashmir police have always encountered problems in the operations of the valley because of the stone pelters who often come as saviours of terrorist.  Past few years Kashmir valley has become a silent war place where everyday terrorist from Pakistan attack the armed forces and the localities of Kashmir in return get a complete face off with the army. The stone pelters create a hitch for the armed forces to save the terrorist but the days have gone when stone pelters rescued themselves by hiding behind the innocent localities, they too are now treated as terrorists and given complete treatment for destroying the nation and safeguarding terrorists.

Stone pelting has created a nuisance in the Kashmir valley which has disturbed the regular life activities of the people staying there and uplifted terrorism under the guidance of state of terrorism Pakistan to add Kashmir to the map of Pakistan but these all are just pie in the sky which will never become reality. Day and day stone pelting is coming to its end and soon will be completely terminated from our nation and with the addition of plastic bullets and chilli-filled PAVA shells our armed forces will get extra help to end terrorism and their saviours and Kashmir valley will regain its natural beauty the every extent.

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