The Train

The Train


By Chahat Sharma

The Train By Chahat Sharma :GODofsmallthing

Short Story 🙂


I am a traveller, yes a traveller! I don’t usually go outside but even them I am a traveller .you might be thinking of is she mad or what? I don’t travel to distinct places to call myself a traveller I am a traveller of space and time. every day as I go for a nap to my bed I become a traveller , easily .every time I feel low I am onto a road that takes me to a time where I could actually see myself smiling.

Sitting on my chair I wondered that what do people fight for. Friends, love, fame, success, family? But hey I have all of them in a single place and in a single life. I have a bunch of friends who are behind my back to support me in tough times. I have my prince charming that is never ever found cheating on me or even ignoring me. I have a family that loves me to infinity and I am pretty good with my studies as well and I am pretty sure I will get a pleasily.With a smile on my face I realized maybe I have achieved all those things the entire human race is striving for.

No one can however predict what’s going to happen. As I sat on the same chair right now with a tear in my eye that symbolizes my feeling that something is not going right in my life. The friends whom I thought won’t ever leave me stabbed me from behind just for their personal interest. My prince charming is still charming but not prince anymore. On the very first day of this month I was fired. Life which seemed to be so easy to live turned out to be a nightmare that I could not even think dream of.

Hey girl what you doing sitting alone in this room and why don’t you throw this old lifestyle chair away??

This chair is a conveyance for me. I use it to travel to places

What? Are you okay? This chair laughed out the guy

Anybody will smile on such statement but only I know the secret of this old fashioned chair and now you. 😉 You know why? BECAUSE I AM A TIME TRAVELLER. And hey forgot to introduce myself I am Priyanka Chopra.


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