You Should Leave Your Fake Friends To This Place : “The Hell “

Tower Of Silence.

Mostly all “Secrets are spilt or revealed in some or the other way ”  but some things are still a mystery for many and most people still don’t know about this.


Tower Of Silence

Just from the picture, the place gains the interest of a lot of people around the country.Well, many will be surprised to know that this place that looks no short of a painting or a “Hell of a place”.Ths  mysterious place is actually a Parsi cremation ground.

Tower Of Silence

The tower is in Malabar hills.

This is where all the dead bodies are kept.

For hundreds of years, this tower was hidden from the world but was open for only Parsis.

A news reporter went inside and took the first photos on the well. The question that arises in everybody’s mind was if it is a cremation ground, how could it be a mysterious place till now? Well the answer to this is probably

Just because nobody is allowed to go there and the parts kept it as a secret for the world.

Why are Dead Bodies scattered over and not been properly handled?

The answer as we dig into the topic came out as a tradition that is followed by Parsis.

Tower Of Silence

Tower Of Silence

I am not so familiar with the Indian/ Iranian culture and beliefs.
But this is the first time I saw something like this.

It must be horrible to discover a place like this, but if this is what the Zoroastrians beliefs, so be it.

I do not know if they still perform this way of the funeral. But they did it some years ago.
I wonder if it is legal? Such a place must be a health hazard!

This is actually a Place you can Term as “Hell”. What if you get stuck at such place??.



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