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They looked at each other and they flipped. Love at first sight they say. But it took me ages to fall in love and that too for no good reason except to be in pain and agony for a period of about three months of my life.  I could not think of anything else other than my breakup and my loved. Yeah! Right, we broke up and I was hardly 18 and trust me I felt like my world has ended. Two and a half years vanished into thin air and I didn’t know how will I survive in this cruel world.


Unlike usual love stories mine starts with a breakup? yes ( I told you it’s an unusual story ) .when I had no clue how to live  I had a friend (just a friend) and I knew this guy like for five months. We had a good connection and we could talk for hours and hours endlessly.

The best person you can ever have when you actually want to talk things out your heart. He knew about my happy relationship and sooner about my sad breakup too. I have heard people talking about ‘Rebounds’ and what not? But can’t love to happen twice? Is this surreal enough to be a reality?

I was 19 now. I started dating my friend and yes, we flipped. It’s not about the time, you need to decide whether it’s the right person for you or not and sometimes you just fall for each other and similar thing happened to me. And when these things happen, all block’s start’s to fall into their place. You need no justifications and no reasons to be with him. They should feel perfect. You need no more assurances. In short, you both simply click.

It was not easy to be with someone I love to be with, but just because he’s not my first, I simply couldn’t let that feeling go. And for holy goodness, I didn’t. So whenever you feel that something is missing, do not settle for less. Go out. Search for your magic. Look for that missing part until it feels perfect. Life is crazy and short then why waste it over something which you feel is just good and not the best. Find your best, till you feel the spark because it’s the only thing that makes us feel alive and complete! I found my piece of love

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