Whatsapp’s Start-Up India Grand Challenge, how to get “1.8 Cr” funding to boost your Startup

Star-Up enthusiasts and fellow self-made entrepreneurs we have a BIG announcement for all the hustlers. In an encouraging move to lift India start-ups, WhatsApp has launched “Start-Up India Grand Challenge”. Under this campaign, Indian start-ups have a chance to win $50,000 to increase their reach to thousands more. Right now, is the best time in history to be an entrepreneur below what you need to grab that prize for yourself:

How Can my Start-Up apply?

Whatsapp’s Start-Up India Grand Challenge.Startup India. Image Credits: Catch Hindi

Very Simple and easy, WhatsApp has listed business themes. Themes can be on healthcare, rural economy, financial and digital inclusion, education and citizen safety. You need to ensure that your idea or start-ups is functioning within these areas and you are good to go!. Once you have established the fact that your business is in the above-mentioned areas you can visit the below link to register through official Indian Government run Start-Up website:


What are the benefits?

A whopping sum of over 1.8 Cr will be divided amongst 5 top Start-Up ideas. The participants also stand a chance for massive exposure. Indian markets are currently at the verge of a huge disruption, every idea, every execution, every start-up is scaling at a pace history has never seen before.

Startup India

The market is up for grabs if only such funding opportunities are not looked over.

The competition is only open till March 10, 2019, buckle up, a series of night-out is ahead of us!. So fellow entrepreneurs do not miss this chance to give wings to your dreams. More than 1.3 billion people have registered with WhatsApp directly. So you as an entrepreneur not associating with that big a number is not happening. It is a motivation booster for all of us out there.

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What is the complete process?

Whatsapp’s Start-Up India Grand Challenge. Image Credits: The Financial Express

To begin with, the competition was recently announced on WhatsApp’s microsite. As mentioned earlier, it is open till March 10, 2019. So please hurry up and apply as soon as possible. The competition is divided into five major steps:

⦁ Submission of entries till March 10, 2019.
⦁ The applications received will be reviewed by an independent committee and top 30 ideas will be shortlisted.
⦁ Top 10 ideas from stage 2 will be further shortlisted.
⦁ Entrepreneurs of the selected ideas will be invited to present their ideas LIVE.
⦁ Finally, 5 best-pitched ideas will be chosen to receive 1.8Cr on May 24

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How to Win?

Whatsapp’s Start-Up India Grand Challenge. Startup India. Image Credits: startupindiafoundation.org

This is the question that all of us should be asking ourselves before submitting an entry. As earlier stated the competition has listed ideal business areas of entry, that is our hint number one. Make a list after thorough research to know who are your competitors and what can you do differently if you are head to head with any one of them.

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Analyze your uniqueness and try to blend it with user value to gain an edge over your competition. Moreover, be prepared to give a LIVE pitch, this seems like a last minute thing to do, but if you want to win 1.8Cr you need to prepare to keep the final step in mind. At times, the idea is super awesome but we miss-out on main points or are unable to identify what sets us apart, hence from the very start making it a point to be LIVE pitch ready.

All the best we know you got this, register now.

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